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Experienced hunters know what raccoons and other pesky varmints can do to their deer feeders.

Not only do they steal and waste your deer corn, but they also cause damage to your deer feeder Control kit as well.


Put a stop to this criminal behavior with The Corn Bank. Make your deer feeder 100% varmint proof and wind proof. Force those raccoons to unlearn their learned behavior! The Corn Bank turns your feeder into a vault for your deer corn and only allows the corn to come into contact with the spin plate when your timer goes off.


Stop wasting time and money refilling your feeder and enjoy the hunt instead

Don't have a small fortune to spend on a brand new "varmint proof" feeder? No problem! Just install The CornBank into your existing feeder! What do you have to lose, besides more corn?

Your feeder is not the problem. It's what's missing inside your feeder. 
US Patent #9,277, 730

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