Who we are

As partners in a South Texas hunting operation, we have plenty of experience in maintaining hunting sites. We also have plenty of experience with the issues that come with maintaining those sites. A lot of time and effort are put into filling up deer feeders and keeping them operating efficiently. After years of spending a bulk of the operating costs on deer corn, we decided that it was time to come up with a solution.


At first, we searched online to see what we might be able to purchase to solve this problem...we found nothing that we hadn't already tried. This led to the idea and invention of The Corn Bank. We developed our product out of necessity and decided that it worked too well to keep it to ourselves; hence, we patented our product and created our small, online, home-based business in order to offer it to other hunters.


After one year of installing these into all of our feeders, we reduced our operating cost of corn by 66% and after five years of using the corn bank in our feeders there have been fewer trips to refill feeders, less varmint traffic, increased deer traffic, and less damage to our feeders and equipment. Varmints simply think the feeders are empty and stop coming. Only the deer seem to continue coming after they hear the spinner go off.

We do not sell these to make a living. We have full-time jobs and live very busy lives, but we love the idea of being able to help other hunters improve their hunting spot and reduce the cost of maintaining their feeders. We try to be available to answer any questions you may have, but we can't always respond right away so, we ask that you be patient. Rest assured that we will get back to you though.

Happy Hunting!

Mike and Cordy Salinas