Got Varmints?​

Turn your existing deer feeder into a CornBank and keep those varmints away!​

Varmint Proof Your Deer Feeder Today - 


We all know that there are some really expensive deer feeders on the market that claim to be 100% varmint proof, but not everyone has a small fortune to spend on a new feeder, especially if you have already purchased one and you don't want to replace it. Installing our attachment can prevent wind, birds, hogs, cows, etc from spilling out your corn with this simple addition to your existing feeder.


We have made it easy to varmint proof your deer feeder 100% and take care of all those other factors that waste corn. Forget spending all that money to replace your existing feeders. Simply install The Corn Bank inside your existing feeder and your corn will be locked up until your timer  is set to go off!


Stop worrying that you can't visit your lease for several weeks. The Corn Bank allows you to go 60+ days for an average sized feeder before having to refill it!


The Corn Bank works with many different feeders, with or without a spinner+ and is easy to install. We are so sure you will like it, we offer a *60 day money back guarantee.

+corn feeding, or mix of 60/40 only


*Available in 12v or *6v

*Requires 12v or *6v  Battery

• Solar Panel Recommended

*6v currently sold out

*minus shipping and handling

Your feeder is not the problem. It's what's missing inside your feeder. 
US Patent #9,277, 730

Varmint proof today for



+ $10.95 Shipping & Handling

12 V or *6v Model

*6v currently sold out